3 Reasons Why AI Won’t Steal Your Marketing Job

Don’t worry, AI won’t steal your marketing job. But you should update your skills and learn to stay flexible. And AI may even help!

Most of us are aware that artificial intelligence and machine learning are already working in the background of our business and personal lives.

As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has said:

“… a lot of the value that we’re getting from machine learning is actually happening kind of beneath the surface. It is things like improved search results, improved product recommendations for customers, improved forecasting for inventory management, and literally hundreds of other things beneath the surface.”

But that’s just for now. Very soon, AI and machine learning will move into the foreground.

More of us will use them at our jobs. more…

Designing A Page’s Content Flow To Maximize Seo Opportunity

Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re going to chat about a designing a page’s content flow to help with your SEO.

Now, unfortunately, somehow in the world of SEO tactics, this one has gotten left by the wayside. I think a lot of people in the SEO world are investing in things like content and solving searchers’ problems and getting to the bottom of searcher intent. But unfortunately, the page design and the flow of the elements, the UI elements, the content elements that sit in a page is discarded or left aside. That’s unfortunate because it can actually make a huge difference to your SEO. more…

How Google AdWords (PPC) Does and Doesn’t Affect Organic Results – Whiteboard Friday

Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re chatting about AdWords and how PPC, paid search results can potentially impact organic results.

Now let’s be really clear. As a rule…

Paid Does Not Directly Affect Organic Rankings

So many of you have probably seen the conspiracy theories out there of, “Oh, we started spending a lot on Goolge AdWords, and then our organic results went up.” Or, “Hey, we’re spending a lot with Google, but our competitor is spending even more. That must be why they’re ranking more…

A Simple 3-Step Approach To Increasing Conversions And Roi With Social Media Advertising

There’s so much to learn with social media advertising that it’s difficult to know exactly where to start.

For example, audience targeting, budgeting, A/B testing, pixel tracking, writing, designing, and analyzing all need to be taken into account if you want to see positive ROI from social media advertising.

There’s time and resources to consider as well.

Even incredibly talented social media managers that oversee multi-million dollar advertising budgets understand that it takes hundreds of experiments (and failures) to master the art of social media ads. more…

Weird, Crazy Myths About Link Building In Seo You Should Probably Ignore – Whiteboard Friday

Howdy, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re going to chat about some of the weird and crazy myths that have popped up around link building. We’ve actually been seeing them in the comments of some of our blog posts and Whiteboard Fridays and Q&A. So I figured, hey, let’s try and set the record straight here. more…

New Research On Mobile Ecommerce Trends

“Mobile first.” I bet you hear that term a lot. It’s a goal – maybe even a grail – for many companies.

And while some reports show small businesses and even the Fortune 500 lagging behind when it comes to mobile, retailers seem to be doing a bit better. According to the 2016 Kount-sponsored “Mobile Trends in Retail” report, more…

75 Top Social Media Marketers Speak

I consider myself a pretty lucky guy.

I have the amazing privilege of speaking with social media managers from a variety of brands and industries around the world on a daily basis. Listening and learning about the projects they’re working on, their biggest challenges, and what their aspirations are on social media now and in the future has helped me tremendously along the way.

But then it dawned on me — I’ve never taken the time to write any of this incredible information down to share with other marketers!

Well, I’m happy to change that. We thought it’d be great to share all the awesome insight we’re lucky to glean from the world’s best social media marketers, starting with this simple (and fascinating, revealing, inspiring) question:

What is the biggest project you’re working on? more…

The 10 Best Ways For Retailers To Build An Email List

We’re about to tip into full-on summer. If you’re like most people, the last thing you’re thinking about now is Christmas. And yet that’s exactly what retailers need to be planning for.

There are 149 days until Black Friday – 152 until Cyber Monday. That gives you roughly five short months to get your online operations up to snuff.

Before I get you too stressed out, remember: It’s summer still. All those promotions and landing pages and shipping headaches are still far off. But there is one thing you should be doing now. It’ll help your Christmas business like nothing else. more…

10 Golden Rules For Social Media Managers And Marketers

I was a bit nervous before writing this post because there are so many possible golden rules for social media managers. I wondered, how could I ever hone in on the most important ones? From golden rules like setting proper social media goals to truly understanding consumer behavior and implementing that into your marketing strategy, this post could have taken on a variety of shapes and forms. But then I realized, social media managers are in the market of verbs. Our entire careers are based on verbs: share, comment, measure, post, create, solve, design, write, Snap, etc. Verbs govern the rules for social media managers and propel us to amazing places. So without further ado, here are 10 golden rules for social media managers explained through verbs. Let’s go! more…

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